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Trader is an application that groups a number of features which are necessary for a trader into one application. More Info

ING Beleggen

ING Beleggen is a tool that takes transaction exports from an ING Beleggen account and displays them in various ways. More Info


PokerAdvisor is a simple but smart tool which gives the user realtime statistics when playing in an online poker room. More Info


iGeneration is an open-minded young internet company which delivers many kinds of internet services and develops new internet-based ideas. More Info

OptionCombo is an informative site which helps to determine the worth and payoff of individual options as well as option combinations. More Info

ProLeague is an international online gaming league where teams can compete against each other and win prizes. More Info

WebQuant is a web statistics site built to track site visitors. The aim is to supply realtime and streaming information. More Info

iDemocracy is still in early development phase. The main idea is to let people discuss and vote about political issues. More Info

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