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I have been developing websites since 2003 under the name of iGeneration, mainly using PHP and MySQL. Below you can find a selection of websites I have built. Active iGeneration is an open-minded young internet company which delivers many kinds of internet services and develops new internet-based ideas. It is the main name under which I have developed most of the projects below. Active OptionCombo is an educational and informative site which helps option traders to determine the worth and payoff of individual options as well as various option combinations and strategies. Inactive ProLeague is an international online gaming league where teams can compete against each other and win prizes. It has been a great success running from 2003 until 2006, having more than 25.000 members and 3.500 teams competing each other. In Development WebQuant is a web statistics site built to track site visitors. The aim is to supply realtime and streaming information. At some point I started preparing it for the general public but came short on time. In Development iDemocracy is still in early development phase. The main idea is to let people discuss and vote about political issues, instead of having to go through the old channels of our western democracies. This basically comes down to involving the citizen directly in all major decision making.

In commission

Below you can find projects I've built in commission for clients or during employment.

STeXX - Student Experience Exchange Active STeXX is a social platform where students share their study experiences and review their university. These real life stories and first hand experiences in any European country help other students in their study choice and preparation.
The Party Express Active The Party Express is a company specialized in arranging transportation to parties and events. The site enables customers to register for a trip, make the payment and check where and when to get on the bus.
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