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ING Beleggen

ING Beleggen is a tool that takes transaction exports from an ING Beleggen account and displays them in various ways. Imports are loaded automatically from a downloaded .csv file (from Downloads folder), and stores transactions in a database. Its main functionalities include:


ING Beleggen Transactions

The transactions features include:

  • Account overview - An overview of financial results per type (realized profit, dividends, interests & costs) and an overview of the net worth of the account (by displaying net deposits, net result, historical portfolio value & cash part)
  • Transactions - A list of imported transactions that can be filtered by transaction type & security


ING Beleggen Return Graph ING Beleggen Net Worth Graph

The graph features include:

  • Total return - A graph of return parts (realized profit, dividends, interests & costs) over time. Expressed both in absolute amounts as well as a percentage
  • Net worth - An graph of net worth together with the net deposits over time


Warning: This tool is for personal use only. It is in no way connected to ING Groep N.V.

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