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Trader is an application that groups a number of features which I deem necessary for a trader into one app. It makes use of the Interactive Brokers API together with Yahoo Finance for historical data. Its main functionalities include:

Basic features

Trader Overview

The basic features include:

  • Security list - A list of realtime streaming security quotes
  • Security graph - A graph of the security price over time plus indicators
  • Portfolio overview - An overview of securities currently held plus some key figures
  • Order forms - Forms to buy/sell securities (FX, equities, options, futures supported)

Algorithm features

Trader Algorithm Editor Trader Algorithm Graph

The algorithm features include:

  • Algorithm editor - An editor with which the user can build and test algorithms, which consists of:
    • A code editor to build an algorithm using various indicators and components in a object oriented programming language (C#)
    • A results section displaying the selected algorithm's backtesting results using a graph, a statistics overview and a list of trades.
  • Algorithm graph - A graph of the algorithm's underlying security price, multiple indicators and the algorithm's testing results
  • Algorithm executing - A simple window which displays a list of algorithms and their underlying securities together with an advice for the next period (e.g. go long next open)

Option features

This is currently pending. With these features the user should be able to compute the greeks of an individual option security as well as the combined values of a portfolio of options. Next to that there will be a graph that can display these values in more detail. See for a web based version.

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